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The Pkowik system station was an immense space station built and manned by the Earth Alliance Daleks in the 42nd century.

This space station was used primarily as a medical centre and a laboratory where the Daleks perfected their brain-correction techniques and genetic experiments. Criminals were taken to the station to undergo surgical conditioning and other changes to create more advanced Robomen called "Demons". (AUDIO: Dalek Empire II: Dalek War, The Demons)

The station was also where the Dalek Emperor's casing was taken after being captured on Lopra Minor. The Enemy Daleks learned of the location and attacked the station, slaughtering the occupants and retrieving the casing, leaving a holographic projector in its place as a trap for Alby Brook. (AUDIO: Dalek Empire II: Dalek War)

After that, the station was abandoned and became a target for scavengers. (AUDIO: The Demons)

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