Pippa was an American who worked as Head of Human Resources at Torchwood One.

Biography[edit | edit source]

By 2005, Pippa was Head of Human Resources at Torchwood One. She was known for her fervent belief in horoscopes and that she was psychic. Like the other Heads of Department, she neglected to prepare for meetings and always arrived fashionably late. She gave counselling to Tommy Pierce for his alcoholism.

Guleraana Arbid brought Rachel Allan to Pippa on her first day, where they tested her by pretending that G was a Kraal android. She was present at the Torchwood party where Dean was killed after volunteering to show off the transmat. After he died - for which Yvonne Hartman was blamed - Pippa appointed Rachel as director of Torchwood. She then took Kieran to the restaurant to get brandy. (AUDIO: New Girl)

Pippa sat on the bus to an Away Day with Ianto Jones and Dave Underwood. Although she initially forbade people from discussing Yvonne, she later broke her own rule. She offered to help a wounded colleague with rescue remedy, but Dave and Ianto insisted on more traditional first aid. She had a bad feeling about the Away Day, which turned out to be training them for combat against aliens, and she, Dave and Ianto attempted to surrender. Rachel refused to allow them to surrender and Pippa was injured.

Dave tended to Pippa but she was seriously hurt. She could not feel any pain due to the endorphins and rued that she had not paid more attention to her horoscope warning her of challenges. Ianto asked Rachel for an ambulance, but Dave informed him that she had died. (AUDIO: Through the Ruins)

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