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Philip "Pip" and Jane Baker were a husband and wife writing team who wrote four Doctor Who television stories. They were best known for creating the character of the First Rani.

They also collaborated on the Target novelisations for their TV stories; Jane Baker became one of only four women to be credited with writing (or co-writing) Doctor Who novelisations and the only one to be involved in more than one book of this type.

There is suggestion that they were to have written a story called Gallifrey for the cancelled Season 23 of Doctor Who featuring Colin Baker or the season that was to have followed it (still starring Colin Baker). This was prior to Doctor Who's hiatus.[1] Very little solid information exists for this story and it is considered a hoax in some sources. [2]

Jane Baker died on 8 September 2014.[3] Pip Baker died on 14 April 2020.[4]


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