A skilled and experienced Ven Kyuk Nar pilot worked for the Krulius.

In 2009, the pilot flew with Krulius through the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. Then his space ship hit an asteroid and crashed on Earth. Krulius left the pilot to die. The pilot was saved by Sarah Jane and Luke Smith. They took him home to Sarah Jane Smith's attic. A short time later the Krulius attacked Sarah Jane, Luke, Rani and Clyde. The pilot wanted to help them, but the Krulius used his toxic breathing to attack the pilot. After this the Krulius teleported Sarah Jane and the pilot away to the Doloth Star Base, the headquarter of the Krulius. When the Judoon took the Krulius to their prison ship they also took the pilot with them. They needed his body as evidence. The pilot was very weak and suffered from a toxic shock when he went with the Judoon. (COMIC: Monster Hunt)

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