Sister Pik Lim was a "groovy" Buddhist nun who travelled through the universe having adventures with Reginald Forthman. While Forthman believed her to be his sidekick, Lim considered him to be her sidekick.

A sub-atomic profanity bleeper was installed in Lim's vocal cords after her fellow nuns became annoyed at her constant swearing. (PROSE: All the Fun of the Fear)

Exploits with Reginald Forthman Edit

After Lim was ejected from the Convent of Infinite Vacancy in Hong Kong, she began travelling with Reginald Forthman in the Inquisitive. (PROSE: All the Fun of the Fear) Some of the cases they solved included the they solved the Case of the Fortuitous Eyebrow and the Case of the Sudden Pig. In an adventure they would remember as the Case of the Missing Absence, Lim and Forthman faced off against an invisible entity (PROSE: Bibliophage) in the Eleven-Day Empire. (PROSE: All the Fun of the Fear)

After Forthman found his timeline being erased by the Bibliophage, he crashed the Inquisitive into the Library of Everything. Lim supported him as he was removed from history and tracked down the Bibliophage. She tricked the Bibliophage into eating a book which kept the Library of Everything in existence, forcing it to regurgitate Forthman's timeline. She then forced it to eat its own history. However, this victory was not without a loss; without the Inquisitive, Lim and Forthman were marooned in the Library. (PROSE: Bibliophage) Eventually, they were rescued by the Calamity Crew on the starship Equanimity.

Shortly after the rescue, Lim and Forthman were summoned to the Eleven-Day Empire by Rufus Forthman to deal with the ShockShow Moon. They were teleported to the moon. While Forthman distracted the Schockmeister, Lim killed Mister Cheery Chuckles. She then defeated the Schockmeister by revealing his true name and his bald spot. With the day saved, Forthman and Lim returned to the Calamity Crew. (PROSE: All the Fun of the Fear)

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