Pierre-Yves Dudoin was a French scientist who attended and graduated Oxford College at the same time as Arthur Tyler III and Christine Holland. Pierre-Yves later married Christine and they had a daughter, Pippa. However, Pierre-Yves put his ambition to get into space before Arthur and his family, which led to his divorce with Christine.

To beat Arthur, Pierre-Yves made an alliance with the Kulans stranded on Earth. Their leader Fray'kon shared with him Kulan technology so he could get into space. Pierre-Yves tried sabotaging Arthur's Planet Hopper by sending a Kulan virus to corrupt their computer software. Pierre-Yves had trouble trying to fuse Kulan and human technology together so he asked he ex-wife Christine for help, but she kept refusing. Pierre-Yves then kidnapped their daughter Pippa and forced her to help him. Christine managed to fuse the technologies together and made Pierre-Yves's Space Dart functional.

Unknown to Pierre-Yves, Fray'kon was using him only to get back into space and alert his people to invade the planet. The Eighth Doctor sided with Arthur, breaking into Pierre-Yves's and uploading the Kulan virus to his computers, making Pierre-Yves's Space Dart unstable. On takeoff the spaceship caught fire and the oxygen levels decreased. Fray'kon managed to escape, abandoning the four other Kulan (PROSE: Escape Velocity)

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