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Piccadilly Circus

Piccadilly Circus was a street corner in London which was covered in various advertisements. It existed from the 20th century (PROSE: Time and Relative et al) until at least the age of the Earth Empire. (COMIC: Pirates of Vourakis) A statue of Eros was in the middle of Piccadilly Circus. (PROSE: Davarrk's Experiments, Revolution Man)

It was located at the intersection of Regent Street and Shaftesbury Avenue, (PROSE: Endgame) near Totter's Lane. (GAME: Dalek Attack)


In 1934, London was stormed by an Incato invasion force. Iris Wildthyme landed her Celestial Omnibus in Piccadilly Circus with an army of Mods in it. From Piccadilly Circus, the Mods began pushing back the Incato until they were cornered at Charing Cross Road and defeated by Iris. (PROSE: The Colour Scheme)

In 1951, the Eighth Doctor had a nap in a News Theatre in Piccadilly Circus. (PROSE: Endgame)

In 1959, a century of Roman soldiers were placed in Piccadilly Circus by a time eddy where they killed 300 civilians and fought the British Army. The Ninth Doctor later aborted the timeline by stopping the eddies in the past. (AUDIO: Sphere of Freedom)

The Cold attacks Piccadilly Circus in 1963. (PROSE: Time and Relative)

In March 1963, the Cold woke up and covered London in snow and ice. On 1 April, it attacked Piccadilly Circus, killing many people. The general public rationalised the attack as an avalanche caused by the cold-snap. (PROSE: Time and Relative)

In 1967, the Eighth Doctor, Sam Jones, and Fitz Kreiner visited Piccadilly Circus to go to The Revolution. There, they shared several coffees with Jean-Pierre Rex. Rex was eventually offended by the conversation and he stormed off on a bus towards Trafalgar Square. (PROSE: Revolution Man)

In 1973, the Third Doctor and Jo Grant saw Piccadilly Circus from the second floor of the Moxon Collection. (PROSE: The Spear of Destiny)

In 1977, the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler visited a record shop in Piccadilly Circus where Rose bought an album by the Stranglers. (PROSE: The Red Bicycle)

On 4 March 2005, Rose Tyler got to work in the morning by taking a bus that went past Piccadilly Circus. (TV: Rose)

In 2013, when the Prometheans attacked humanity with their neuronic extractor, the screens of Piccadilly Circus were affected and they displayed a symbol of the sun. The crowd that was in Piccadilly Circus mentally devolved and began attacking each other. By the end of this rampage, smoke was billowing from the road and somebody had climbed half-way up the statue of Eros. The Eleventh Doctor took control of the neural extractor and used the symbol of his TARDIS to return higher thought patterns to humanity. The screens were also affected by this signal and displayed an image of a police box. (COMIC: Hunters of the Burning Stone)

Piccadilly Circus when humanity was under the control of Zzagnar. (COMIC: Give Free or Die)

In 2015, the Eleventh Doctor materialised his TARDIS in Piccadilly Circus. Along with Alice Obiefune and John Jones, he walked around the area and discovered that people were being mind controlled by a living story called Zzagnar. The advertisements on Piccadilly Circus' screens were changed to messages worshipping Zzagnar. Everything went back to normal after the Doctor brought Zzagnar out of fiction and into reality. (COMIC: Give Free or Die)

In 2254, the Daleks invaded Earth. When the Seventh Doctor liberated London from the Daleks, he went into the city through the sewers and came out near Piccadilly Circus. (GAME: Dalek Attack)

Piccadilly Circus was still around during the age of the Earth Empire, although a few changes had been made since the early 21st century. Two large screens were placed on top of the advertisement building. These screens were used to broadcast Galactic News.

After defeating the Skinks on Vourakis 3, the Twelfth Doctor took Heddy Garber back to Earth. They landed near Piccadilly Circus and said their goodbyes in the crowd. (COMIC: Pirates of Vourakis)

Known advertisements[]

The Eleventh Doctor lands in Piccadilly Circus in 2015. (COMIC: Give Free or Die)

In 2005, McDonald's, Samsung, TDK, and Coca-Cola each had a screen at Piccadilly Circus. (TV: Rose)

In 2015, Lutz, Lowreal, Tessier, Hokey Coke, and a company that claimed to have "probably the best ginger beer in the world" advertised at Piccadilly Circus. There was also an ad for a musical adaptation of The Birds. The message, "call your mother", was among the advertisements. (COMIC: Give Free or Die)

Several centuries later, Coca-Cola and TDK were once again advertising. Sanyo also had an ad. (COMIC: Pirates of Vourakis)

Behind the scenes[]

Although Dalek Attack was Piccadilly's first appearance in a story considered valid by the present Wiki, the first appearance of Piccadilly Circus in a Doctor Who-related property actually came as early as 1965's Inside a Skaro Saucer, in which the Dalek Emperor is seen scrutinising a 3D-image of Piccadilly Circus on the rad-etheric magniscope of a Dalek Saucer.