A phonic disruptor had the ability to stun opponents using high sound waves among other powers.

History Edit

Mrs Wormwood had one in the form of a ring which she used to combat her fellow Bane and put Gita Chandra in a trance. It only stunned the Bane. She complained that after Mr Smith put her in a containment vortex that this drained the ring's power. When at full capacity, the ring could create a discharge so powerful it could literally blow an adult Bane to pieces. Mrs Wormwood appeared to be able to target certain people as she attacked her fellow Bane without harming any humans in the vicinity, or herself for that matter. The ring was lost in the portal to Horath's dimension and its discharge allowed the opening to close, sealing Mrs Wormwood and Kaagh in that universe forever. (TV: Enemy of the Bane)

Known people been affected Edit

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