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Phobos was a moon of Mars. It was named after Phobos, son of Mars. (AUDIO: Phobos)


Phobos was originally a colony ship which brought the ancestors of the Ice Warriors to Mars. (PROSE: Crimson Dawn)

The entrance to another dimension was located within Phobos itself. The Deindum once tried to make Deimos and Phobos leave Mars' orbit in order to access the dimension and use it as a fuel source. Merlin sent Excalibur to Winifred Bambera and Ancelyn in order for them to use the sword to prevent the Deindum's plan from suceeding. (PROSE: Excalibur of Mars)

Kim Kronotska was on the Led Zeppelin II mission to Phobos. (AUDIO: Memory Lane)

It had a wormhole located on its surface. By the 23rd century, Phobos served as a popular destination for devotees of such "extreme sports" as jumping the wormhole. (AUDIO: Phobos)

The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond travelled to Phobos to look for the Doctor's sonic screwdriver. (COMIC: Sonic Sleuth)

In the early 2430s, Darzil Carlisle earned a scholarship to the Phobos Academy of Music at age 17, proceeding to study for three years before, as quoted by the Fifth Doctor, "stumbling into a glorious career as a peace negotiator". The Doctor, following an encounter with an older Darzil Carlisle in the later period of the 25th century, would realise that Darzil's career was actually the result of him having taken the credit for actions that he would perform in his personal future. (AUDIO: The Game)

When Mars died, millions of Ice Warriors had been left in suspension inside Phobos. In the 25th century, the Fourth Doctor woke them up to return Mars to them. (PROSE: Crimson Dawn)

Due to its ellipsoid shape and its proximity to Mars the gravity on the surface of Phobos altered dramatically throughout its orbit around Mars. By the 26th century, humans had established themselves on Phobos, building such structures such as Martian Lunar Park, an environment dome that maintained a fixed gravity within. Humans also visited Phobos for its range of "extreme sports" such as gravity-boarding and wormhole-jumping. (AUDIO: Phobos) Gregson Grenville, a security guard at Deimos Moonbase in the 23rd century, regarded Lunar Park as "a hippie holiday camp." (AUDIO: Deimos)

Phobos was of strategic importance in the war against the Daleks. Had the colonists entered the war on the side of the humans, the Daleks would have lost. For this reason the Daleks under Davros' guidance bombarded the planet ensuring that nothing survived. (PROSE: An Incident Concerning the Continual Bombardment of the Phobos Colony)

In 2606, the television series Hollyoaks: Life on Phobos was broadcast on GalNet following The Jason Kane Adventures. (AUDIO: The Final Amendment)

By the 82nd century, Josiah W. Dogbolter, who owned the planet Mars itself, monitored a war going on in Phobos. (COMIC: The Moderator)