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==External links==
==External links==
*[ Official site]
*[ Official site]
*{{imdb name|id=0647180|name=Philip Olivier}}
*{{imdb name|id=0647180|name=Philip Olivier}}

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Philip Olivier headshot

Philip Olivier (born 4th June 1980) is an English actor who portrays Seventh Doctor companion Hex in the Big Finish Doctor Who audio stories.

When creating the character of Hex Gary Russell had already decided that Hex should have a Northern accent to provide counterpoint to Sophie Aldred's Southern one. He then noticed Olivier's performance in the soap opera Brookside.

Late [2003] I watched the final few episodes of Brookside (hey, it was TV history!) and saw Philip and thought 'Yup, that's the kind of person I'm looking for'. Then I thought well, if he's the right kind of person, why not go straight there and see if he was interested. Luckily for me and, I believe, BF's listeners, he was.Gary Russell[1]


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