Interview with Philip Morris in 2015

Another interview, with Toby Hadoke

Philip Morris, sometimes Phillip Morris (also credited as Phil Morris), is perhaps best known for having discovered the missing Doctor Who television stories The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear.[1] He is a colleague of Sue Malden and Paul Vanezis who describes himself as a "missing episode hunter". He has gone as far afield as Zambia in the search for lost episodes of Doctor Who

In 2013, shortly before the show's 50th anniversary, it was revealed that Morris had recovered 5 episodes of The Enemy of the World, and 4 of The Web of Fear from Nigeria. The discovery completed the former story, and but for episode 3 also completed the later. Several years later, Morris revealed that when he originally made the find, Episode 3 of The Web of Fear was present. However, it disappeared before he could secure it for the BBC. He believes it is in the hands of a private collector.

He also founded the Television International Enterprises Archive, a company that searches for lost television.

Morris had earlier been kidnapped and held hostage while working on an oil rig in Nigeria.[2]

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