Major Philip Kirby was a press secretary for the British Prime Minister, as well as a secret supporter of ICIS. He was a distant relative of Charles III. (AUDIO: The Longest Night)

During the 1980s, he was involved in an affair. Andrea Winnington was his daughter but he never cared for her, later planning to use her as a suicide agent. (AUDIO: The Longest Night)

During the Iraq War, he was pushed to leave the British Army after he abused prisoners. His connections got him a job at Whitehall as special envoy to the Forge and later as press secretary for the Prime Minister's office. He had a toxic relationship with Deputy Prime Minister Meena Cartwright who he believed only got the job from tokenism. (PROSE: Project Valhalla, AUDIO: The Longest Night)

When the Prime Minister signed the Euro-Combine Treaty, ICIS attempted a coup: Kirby's job was to pressure the Prime Minister into declaring martial law and putting ICIS on the streets, and he took great pleasure in forcing Cartwright to kill herself. When the coup failed, Kirby triggered a suicide bomb in a final act of defiance, devastating 10 Downing Street. (AUDIO: The Longest Night)

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