Philip Hurd-Wood is a British actor who has provided the voice of the Graske and Groske, in the Doctor Who stories Attack of the Graske and Music of the Spheres and in the The Sarah Jane Adventures stories Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?, The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith and Death of the Doctor.

His acting career stretches back to at least 1980, and has mostly included smaller character roles on television. He has frequently lent his voice to the narration of documentaries and voiced thousands of commercials for radio and television.

He has two children, Rachel and Patrick, born in the 1990s. Both have also entered the acting profession. Rachel, the elder, seems poised to have a higher-profile career than her father, having already held leading roles in the films, Peter Pan (2003), An American Haunting, Perfume and Solomon Kane.

Although consistently credited as "Philip Hurd-Wood" by BBC Wales, he has been variously credited as "Philip Hurdwood" and "Phillip Hurdwood" by other production companies.

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