Philip Bond (1 November 1934[1]-17 January 2017[2]) played Ganatus in the Doctor Who television story The Daleks.

Bond's other credits include guest appearances on The Avengers, Doomwatch, Z-Cars, The Saint, No Hiding Place, Bergerac and Lovejoy. He was best known for playing Albert Frazer on The Onedin Line and Peter Findon on The Main Chance.

He was the father of actress Samantha Bond, who played Mrs. Wormwood in The Sarah Jane Adventures and Miss Moneypenny in the Pierce Brosnan James Bond films, and the grandfather of Molly Hanson. Hanson incorrectly recalled her grandfather as the first person ever exterminated by a Dalek, (BFX: The Home Guard) a distinction which actually goes to Alan Wheatley, who played Temmosus.

Bond later played Griffith, and by extension both Jack Harkness and Ceri when their consciousnesses were hosted in his body, in the Torchwood audio drama Forgotten Lives. This appearance came 51 years after The Daleks. He is therefore tied with Petra Markham for the longest gap between roles in the Doctor Who franchise.

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