Sister Philia was a Galatean robot duplicate on the lunar colony Athenia, and one of the Children of Turing.

During an unlicensed Children of Turing demonstration, she set up a holo-statue of Alan Turing. Tony Moxham damaged the holo-statue, and the demonstration broke out into rioting. The rioting was calmed when the Twelfth Doctor repaired the holo-statue and made it appear to speak in Alan's voice. Philia was one of the Galateans controlled by the Phantom Piper while she slept to make her attack the humans so that a war would start between them. Alan freed Philia and the other Galateans from the Piper's control when he broke down the mathematical code that made up the Piper by using Block Transfer Computation. (COMIC: The Phantom Piper)

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