Philastra was "the planet of the deathly cold". Its queen, Shemura, described it as a "stinking rock".

History Edit

Queen Shemura ruled the planet with what her people considered to be tyranny. While she was put into suspended animation, she effectively destroyed the planet and her people. While in stasis, she sent a psychic message to the TARDIS' telepathic circuits so she could take the space-time vessel and conquer other worlds.

The Eleventh Doctor arrived, but once freed, Shemura had her guards take the TARDIS key, and had the Doctor, Danny and Abby imprisoned under her palace. With the help of another prisoner, Alaban, they escaped.

The Doctor convinced Shemura that he was the TARDIS' only pilot. While pretending to show the lever that dematerialised the TARDIS, he tricked Shemura by boosting the TARDIS telepathic circuits. This "returned" mental projections of the dead, breaking Shemura's mind control over her guards. The Doctor placed her back in suspended animation, locking the controls to her tomb. (COMIC: The Tomb of Shemura)

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