Phil Tyson was a cleaner at Cheeky Chicken in Peckham. He liked Natalie Imbruglia.

Phil was born in Peckham Hospital on 7 January 1979 at 3:50pm, the same point in time and space a group of Vandosians believed Shogalath was reincarnated.

In 2005, when he was 26, Phil was cleaning Cheeky Chicken one night, when the Vandos Tribunal teleported him along with his bucket of ammonia on board the Vandosian ship. The Tribunal identified Phil as Shogalath and called for his execution. Rose Tyler blew up the court with the Ninth Doctor's sonic screwdriver and she and the Doctor escaped with Phil towards the TARDIS. Believing them to be servants of Shogalath, the Vandosians sent Bailiffs after the Doctor and Rose.

The Bailiffs caught up with the Doctor and Rose and were about to eat them, when Phil threw ammonia at them. The Bailiffs were burned and they dropped the Doctor and Rose. The Doctor dematerialised the TARDIS outside the Vandosian ship declaring victory. The Vandosians attempted to fire at the island of Great Britain, but thanks to the Doctor's earlier meddling, it backfired, destroying the ship. The Doctor explained to Phil that Shogalath was the leader of a peaceful revolt, and not a monster. Phil was returned home and realised the future was something to find. (COMIC: Mr Nobody)

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