Phil Madison was the brother of Larry Madison, and was one of the slaves at the Daleks' Bedfordshire mining facility during their invasion and occupation of Earth.

Larry was determined to rescue Phil, but when he and Ian Chesterton found him, Larry discovered to his horror that Phil had been converted into a Roboman via the Daleks' transfer process. In an attempt to break through the Dalek conditioning, Larry tried to get Phil to remember who he was, mentioning Phil's wife Angela and offering to take him to her, but his efforts were futile — Phil simply prepared to shoot them as runaways from a working party.

Larry told Ian to run as Phil fired his machine gun, mortally wounding Larry as Larry tried to strangle him. Phil's humanity appeared to return just before both he and Larry died, with his last word being a strangled "Larry..." (TV: The Dalek Invasion of Earth)

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