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Collinson as he appeared on CON: End of an Era


David Tennant interviews Russel T Davies - Doctor Who Confidential - BBC

Collinson alongside Tennant and RTD in CON: Do You Remember the First Time?

Phil Collinson (born 26 August 1970[1]) was the main producer of Doctor Who from Rose to Journey's End, save for a handful of episodes produced by Susie Liggat.

Towards the end of his run on Doctor Who, he was occasionally credited as executive producer, typically on those episodes produced by Liggat. He was also "series producer", receiving executive producer credit, of the initial run of The Sarah Jane Adventures.


Collinson initially entered the TV industry as an actor, but feeling uncomfortable with screen-acting as opposed to stage performance, he opted to instead take up production roles.[2] Immediately prior to Doctor Who, he worked on the BBC Scotland paranormal drama Sea of Souls and was responsible for bringing several other crew members over from this production to work on Doctor Who.

In 2008 he left BBC Wales to become Head of Drama at BBC Manchester, but then swiftly moved on to helm Coronation Street.

Personal life[]

Collinson grew up in the north of England. He is also gay.[2]



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