"Pharaoh" was an ancient Egyptian term for "king". (PROSE: The King of Golden Death)

Pharaohs were made smarter and taller by the Osirans perhaps as long ago as 8000 BC so that they could better guide their kingdom in the construction of pyramids. (PROSE: The Sands of Time)

Rameses II (PROSE: Byzantium!) was the pharaoh during the time Moses freed the Jews. (PROSE: Cat's Cradle: Witch Mark)

In c. 2700 BC, the First Doctor, Steven Taylor and Sara Kingdom visited a pyramid in which an unnamed pharaoh's treasures were being placed. (TV: The Daleks' Master Plan)

Erimem was the child of Pharaoh Amenhotep II, and should have herself become pharaoh in circa 1400 BC. However, she was passed over, largely because of her gender, and the throne instead went to Thutmose IV. The Fifth Doctor could name every pharaoh that Egypt ever had. (AUDIO: The Eye of the Scorpion)

The Second Doctor, Ben, and Polly once briefly explored the tomb of Pharaoh Tut-Ankh-Amen — "the boy king" — soon after his untimely death. (PROSE: The King of Golden Death)

One Pharaoh taught Pythagoras to speak Egyptian. (PROSE: The Pythagoras Problem)

Pharaoh Ptolemy I built a lighthouse at Alexandria. (COMIC: Voyager)

The Vizier of one pharaoh was secretly an escaped alien criminal. He was recaptured by the Eleventh Doctor. (COMIC: Assimilation²)

In 2009, Elijah Spellman told Sarah Jane Smith that mankind had always needed someone to make them laugh, slave or king. He mentioned that the pharaohs had fools as well as the Native Americans. (PROSE: Day of the Clown)