Petrichor perfume

Petrichor was the name of a fragrance for which Amy Pond posed as a model in an advertisement. Its slogan was, "For the girl who's tired of waiting." The Eleventh Doctor saw this advertisement in Sanderson & Grainger, a shop in Colchester. Amy and her husband Rory were at the store at the same time, and a little girl named Allie asked Amy for her autograph. (TV: Closing Time) Amy had previously been acquainted with the sensation of petrichor, which may have inspired the advert. (TV: The Doctor's Wife)

The alien Krampus once showed Veronica Stackmore an image of Amelia Pond's future Petrichor advertisement and, in an attempt for Veronica to wish Amy, Rory, and Mels out of existence, he stated, "Amelia's beauty eclipses you! She will be loved and applauded while you are forgotten!" (COMIC: Imaginary Enemies)

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