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Peter Guy Summerfield was the half-human, half-Killoran son of Adrian Wall and Bernice Summerfield and was conceived whilst the latter was possessed by Avril Fenman.

Raised on the Braxiatel Collection and experiencing life in hiding and kidnappings as a child, Peter left for a time with his mother after being manipulated by Irving Braxiatel into killing Jason Kane. He was separated from his mother and taken to Legion by another Braxiatel where he began a new life before being reunited with her, eventually getting married.


Conception and birth[]

Peter was conceived in 2600 whilst Bernice Summerfield was possessed by Avril Fenman, who seduced Adrian Wall. (PROSE: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Squire's Crystal) Benny did not realise that she was pregnant until several months later, having ignored the changes to her body until getting a check-up after Jason Kane's return. (PROSE: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Infernal Nexus) A week later, she was happy with the news (PROSE: Dear Friend) and stopped undertaking quite as much physical activity. (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Skymines of Karthos)

In October 2600, Benny left the Braxiatel Collection to give birth away from Adrian and Jason's arguments, assisted by Claire. They were shot down on Deirbhile and imprisoned by the Fifth Axis, who wanted Benny's human-Killoran child killed. As Peter had undergone a growth spurt, he was too big to be safely delivered naturally and Benny underwent a Caesarean section. Joseph amplified Peter's first cry to shatter their way out of the Glass Prison, after which they were saved by Irving Braxiatel who brought Adrian and Jason with him.

On the Braxiatel Collection, Benny held a naming ceremony at which she named her son Peter Guy Summerfield, his first name meaning "the Rock" and his middle name coming from Guy de Carnac, whom she had loved and who died to save her and the Seventh Doctor. Avril warned Benny that she would always worry about what Peter had inherited from his "mental" mother, but Benny put her suspicions aside. (PROSE: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Glass Prison)

Childhood on the Collection[]

Benny left Peter behind with Joseph when she went to the Avanonions' planet and returned without any doubts that he was her child. (PROSE: Cuckoo) His birth did nothing to stop Adrian and Jason's arguments, leading Benny to leave him in their care whilst she went to Goron IV. Peter was kidnapped by Sloaty's men to be delivered to Lady Ashantra but speedily returned after Jason threatened Sloaty and his family. (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Green-Eyed Monsters)

Jason looked after Peter upon returning from receiving medical treatment off-world. (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Poison Seas) When the Fifth Axis invaded, Adrian took Peter to stay with Orst Gemayal and his brother in a camouflaged room (PROSE: The Fall) where, for his safety, he was not visited by his mother for some time. (PROSE: Careless Talk) He tried holding his breath until she returned and told himself that she would return if breakfast arrived before he counted to a thousand and if he rolled three sixes in a row on a die. (PROSE: Meanwhile, in a Small Room, a Small Boy...)

Ash Madai knew of Peter's survival and hiding place and threatened to reveal what he knew to the Fifth Axis if Benny did not hand over her Time Ring. She acquiesced. (PROSE: Midrash) Peter was visited by the Personal History Killer, which told him stories and wrote Leif Larsson out of existence upon learning that Benny was his mother, (PROSE: Fluid Prejudice) and was later moved by Jason to join the other hybrid children in a bunker. (PROSE: Drinking with the Enemy) He was smuggled away in a crate and finally reunited with his mother (PROSE: Lockdown Conversations: 3) who told him and the other children a bedtime story. (PROSE: Speaking Out)

In 2603, after the occupation, Peter used the Time Rings to transport himself, Benny, Jason and Sophia to the Festival of Piranha in 2022 where Jason took him to have fun at the fair. He went on to transport them to various other places including Egypt and a jungle, pursued by the Grel, who wished to study him. The Time Rings malfunctioned and transformed Peter's body into that of an adult, demonstrating to Benny how strong and dangerous he would be. He was restored when Sophia destroyed the Time Rings. (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Grel Escape) He was present at the Collection's Christmas party that year. (PROSE: ...Be Forgot)

Peter on his father's shoulders. (PROSE: A Life Worth Living)

In April 2604, Adrian took Peter to lakeside and piled stones together - a Killoran rite of passage. He also played with Parasiel. (PROSE: Misplaced Spring) Adrian took him to see Benny whilst she was preparing for the First Annual Braxiatel Collection Archaeology Conference, a visit during which Peter scribbled on the notes that Hass had written for her. (PROSE: Final Draft) In November, Benny dropped him off at Little Ones and saved him upon finding that Bradley and Elizabeth Monroe were from another dimension and were studying the children. (PROSE: There Never Need Be Longing In Your Eyes)

Benny left Peter with Adrian when she and Jason went to Zardox (PROSE: Zardox Break) and he stayed with Clarissa Jones when Bev Tarrant made Adrian join her on a mission. (PROSE: The Purpura Pawn) He was again left with Ms Jones when Benny headed for Verum (PROSE: On Trial) and with Jason when Benny and Adrian went on a mission. (PROSE: You Shouldn't Have) Ms Jones later told Benny that she ought to spend more time raising Peter. (PROSE: The Tree of Life) Jason once read Peter Little Red Riding Hood, likening Benny to the titular character, himself to the Woodsman and Adrian to the Big Bad Wolf. (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Kingdom of the Blind)

In 2606, Peter was kidnapped by Ms Jones, (PROSE: Parallel Lives (II)) who took him to a hotel which she hoped would make anyone who followed them there forget about him. Whilst there, the hotel drew on his innocence and created Jacob, who hoped to be reunited with Peter after he and Ms Jones left for Thuban. (PROSE: Hiding Places) Benny, Jason, Adrian and Bev found them there and, after Benny promised to make more time for Peter, Ms Jones returned him. However, she was shot and killed by Bev when she responded to Adrian's attack by raising her gun. (PROSE: Parallel Lives (IV))

Peter was present when the history machine was activated. (PROSE: Inappropriate Laughter) Various worlds had Peter killed by the clades, (PROSE: Siege Mentality) injured by the machine and saved at the expense of his father's life (PROSE: Acts of Senseless Devotion) and killed by the Fifth Axis. (PROSE: The Ice Garden)

Whilst Jason was away with Braxiatel and Benny recuperated after losing an arm, Peter was looked after by Adrian. When they returned, they had a picnic. (AUDIO: Professor Bernice Summerfield and the Crystal of Cantus) Jason looked after him when Benny went to Cerebus Iera. (AUDIO: The Tartarus Gate) Peter was almost killed by Julius's attempt at assassinating Adrian (PROSE: Outside the Wall) and began to interact with an imaginary friend called Keith, with whom he went into forbidden parts of the Mansionhouse. (PROSE: Key)

After bumping into Jason, Peter went to Hass to ask on his behalf what flowers Benny would like. (PROSE: The Two-Level Effect) Hass saved him when his pocket dimension was breached, putting him in a suit to protect him from the atmosphere. (PROSE: Let There Be Stars) He befriended Wajiwaj and stole Wolsey's pass-tag to get access to a building site, later telling his mother that he swapped his pass-tag for his mother's as he believed that his tag would protect her. (PROSE: Lock) Peter stayed with Umska during the Simpson's Thin Weave situation (AUDIO: Summer of Love) and went with Benny during the Draconian occupation as she did not want Kothar using him as leverage. (AUDIO: Freedom of Information)

Isaac Summerfield looked after Peter whilst Benny and Jason went to Phaaag Zenbrou to conceive another child. (PROSE: All Mimsy Were the Borogroves) Benny took him to a nikhol vakarshta where he had to partake in Draconian customs and witnessed his mother kill to protect him. (PROSE: The Loyal Left Hand) He was apparently attacked in his bedroom by a Mim and defended by Jason and Adrian, after which Benny took him back to 1987 to stay with Isaac. (PROSE: Nursery Politics)

Leaving the Collection[]

Peter and Benny after Jason's death. (AUDIO: The Wake)

Peter was excited to see Jason again after he spent time away with Mira and went to Braxiatel's office to see him. There, Braxiatel, who had attempted unsuccessfully to hypnotise Jason, instead convinced Peter that Jason was a danger to Benny and everyone else on the Collection. He instantly became animalistic and killed him, although Jason told him that he did not blame him. Afterwards, he was unable to understand what had happened. (AUDIO: The End of the World)

After the funeral, Benny decided that it would be best that she and Peter leave the Collection. Braxiatel told her that Peter, as a murderer, could not be allowed to go out into space, after which Adrian helped them get off of the planetoid with Bev. Peter was not enthusiastic about having adventures, but Benny told him that they had to keep moving and would someday return to finish things once and for all. (AUDIO: The Wake)

Adventures with Benny[]

After several months of travelling, during which Benny never brought up the matter of Jason's death, Peter and Benny went to Maximediras for a tour of underwater sites of archaeological interest, something that Peter had no interest in. He easily killed a number of zombies which worried his mother somewhat, but also simply walked away when confronted by boys who called him a half-breed. (AUDIO: Beyond the Sea) A Time Ring appeared to him and took him to Earth where he learnt that it had been sent to him instead of his mother in error by Tektekachuan. He realised that he was causing the Wyrm's activity and left to stop it, after which he was immortalised with a statue. (AUDIO: The Adolescence of Time)

Peter on the Depository. (AUDIO: The Diet of Worms)

Peter successfully returned to their ship whilst Benny had several other adventures with the Time Ring (AUDIO: The Adventure of the Diogenes Damsel, etc.) before they went to stay at the Depository, where Peter was taught by Mrs Tishpishti how to bake and helped discover how the bookworms became sentient. However, they left after receiving a message from Bev Tarrant, (AUDIO: The Diet of Worms) heading to Vingus Bank where they were reunited with Bev and Adrian. (AUDIO: Glory Days)

On their way to Venus, Peter and Benny became stranded on Absence for fifty-one days. Peter got a job with the ISA as he wanted to help his mother and pay for their food. He was trained by Lamarque Aslinedes whilst Cindy kept an eye on him, saving him when his visor broke whilst on an expedition. (AUDIO: Absence) He stayed with Adrian whilst Benny worked on getting Jason's money and cracked Braxiatel's logic puzzle, after which he was kidnapped by Frost (AUDIO: Venus Mantrap) and taken to Buenos Aires. After being rescued he watched over Benny as she recuperated. (AUDIO: Secret Origins)

Peter, Benny and Adrian were thrown into 20th century Europe by the God Machine. (PROSE: Secret Histories framing sequence) Whilst Adrian was still around, Peter began seeing a psychologist about what happened with Jason. (AUDIO: Many Happy Returns)

When Benny went missing, Peter and Adrian found her on Javarda and went with her and Bev to the Moon to find Robyn. He believed that he could prevent the Deindum from becoming warlike and aggressive and instead make them benevolent and perfect by taking his Benny's place in falling through a portal. (AUDIO: Resurrecting the Past) He later went with her to Deindus to find something to stop the Deindum War and travelled back in time to when the Deindum met their future selves.

Peter and Joseph. (AUDIO: Escaping the Future)

He went with Benny to perform an archaeological dig on Deindus to find something to stop the Deindum War. They then travelled to the time in Deindus' history when the future Deindum contacted their ancestors. He stayed on the collection when Benny carried out her plans. Brax left him behind when he took Benny on the last assault. (AUDIO: Escaping the Future)

Time apart[]

Peter was shot by a Deindum and left behind on the Braxiatel Collection whilst Benny and Braxiatel went to stop them, (AUDIO: Escaping the Future) meaning that Benny was uncertain as to whether or not he survived. (AUDIO: Dead Man's Switch) He woke up on a slaver ship (AUDIO: The Curse of Fenman) and was taken to Bastion where he was forced to fight in an arena. (AUDIO: Everybody Loves Irving) He befriended a Grel and Pakhar there.

Whilst enslaved, Peter fell in love with fellow slave Antonio Tulloch. (AUDIO: The Curse of Fenman) He was saved from the planet by another Braxiatel - one who had never met Benny - and was taken to Legion. (AUDIO: Paradise Frost) Due to interference by a crystal, Peter believed that Antonio came with him when, in actuality, he was murdered to resolve a dispute about taking more than one slave. (AUDIO: The Curse of Fenman) Having always trusted his mother to save him, he was distraught and turned against her. (AUDIO: Paradise Frost)

Life on Legion[]

Peter became the security chief for Legion and grew close to Braxiatel (AUDIO: Vesuvius) whilst also believing himself to be living in a relationship with Antonio. (AUDIO: The Curse of Fenman) When Benny arrived on the planet, Peter told her that he wanted nothing to do with her but employed her help when Vesuvius was on a collision course. He eventually resolved the situation by telling Jack McSpringheel to destroy it. (AUDIO: Vesuvius Falling)

When Ruth Leonidas told Peter that she wanted to get to know him better, he told her and Benny to leave. He was, however, curious about Ruth as Antonio told him that he thought something was wrong with her. He was similarly irritated by Jack, but eventually relented and told him about the slave pit on Bastion. (AUDIO: Everybody Loves Irving) He informed his mother, Ruth and Jack that they were being sent on a mission by Braxiatel and was delighted to learn that they would be away for several weeks. (AUDIO: A Handful of Dust)

Peter went with Jack and Benny to look into the disappearance of multiple ships at Mortis Dock, believing that it was more of his mother's area of expertise than his own. They investigated the HMS Surprise, during which he accessed the ship's black box and learnt about its history. He also told Jack more about Antonio and how they met. (AUDIO: HMS Surprise)

Peter and Braxiatel. (AUDIO: New Frontiers)

Ruth confronted Peter about Antonio, telling him that he was deluding himself and that he was not real. He finally told Benny how he and Antonio met and went on to learn that Avril Fenman had come to Legion for him, having helped turn him against the woman he considered to be his mother, and that Antonio was actually dead. Peter turned against Avril and destroyed her at the cost of Antonio, a loss that brought him and his mother closer. (AUDIO: The Curse of Fenman)

Peter led the security at one of Willem van der Heever masquerades on Moros Prime and investigated a corpse that was found in a swimming pool. His half-Killoran lungs allowed him to last longer than the other party guests during the gas attack, but he eventually succumbed to its effects, after which Benny completely forgot about him (AUDIO: The Revenant's Carnival) as the Epoch had removed him from time. Believing that he was an actor called Thomas Grant who played an orphan called Finn, he was eventually saved by Benny, after which he attempted to use their technology to find Antonio. (AUDIO: In Living Memory)

Peter found that Antonio was long-dead. (PROSE: Big Bang Generation) He entered into a brief relationship with a man that he met on Bacchus Five, but broke up with him after hearing him mock his Killoran-human physiology. Shortly afterwards, he joined his mother in investigating the Glamour. (PROSE: Big Bang Generation) He later joined her on an expedition to her past in a time machine that they took from the Braxiatel Collection and which caused him to age. Benny hoped that returning to their time would undo this. (AUDIO: Ever After Happy)

Later life[]

Peter fell in love with a man and got married, settling down for a new life. (AUDIO: The Pyramid of Sutekh) Shortly after returning from a parallel universe, Benny remarked that he and his husband were happily married. (AUDIO: Dead and Breakfast)


As a child, Peter had a close attachment to his mother (PROSE: Nursery Politics) and would quickly resort to violence to protect her. (AUDIO: The End of the World, Beyond the Sea) He toughened himself to survive on Bastion and Legion, getting himself a reputation as a bully not to be crossed, and was fiercely dedicated to his duty as security chief, willing to sacrifice his life and others'. (AUDIO: Vesuvius Falling)


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