Peter Latcham was a civil servant who asked Felicity Lyme to take some alien technology from King Henry's University. He worked at the Department of Energy and Environment. (AUDIO: Power Cell) When Kate Stewart went to Geneva, General Grant Avery called the UK Government he came to Geneva to chastise her[statement unclear], but Kate was curious he came not the Secretary of State for Defence. He asked her to not keep harassing Lyme. (AUDIO: Death in Geneva) He managed to get into the Tower of London, saying that he had permission from the Secretary of the State for Defence. He observed UNIT's lockdown procedure when they waited for the Tengobushi to attack. He was still inside and when UNIT decide to evacuate, Josh Carter was ordered to take him to the UNIT submarine. (AUDIO: The Battle of the Tower) When he was at the UNIT base in Gibraltar, he used his influence over UNIT to trap Kate and her team. He managed to try to get UNIT to cooperate with him and his plans with Lyme Industries. After Lyme's scheme was stopped, he had his memory wiped by Kate. (AUDIO: Ice Station Alpha)

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