Peter Grimwade (8 June 1942-15 May 1990[1]) directed and wrote several Doctor Who television stories. He also novelised his scripts for the Target Books range.

Grimwade was scheduled to direct a story for Season 20 entitled The Return, which would later become Resurrection of the Daleks. When industrial action disrupted filming, the story was held over until the following year; the director assigned to it was Matthew Robinson.

Grimwade directed Tom Baker's final serial, Logopolis, and Matthew Waterhouse's first and final serials, Full Circle and Earthshock respectively.

Having introduced the character of Turlough in Mawdryn Undead, Grimwade was to write Peter Davison's penultimate serial Planet of Fire that would see the companion written out, but due to constantly changing production requirements he allowed script editor Eric Saward to finish it.

Robophobia, an irrational fear of robots, was at one point referred to in-universe as Grimwade's Syndrome. (TV: The Robots of Death) This was an in-joke reference (ad-libbed by Tom Baker from the originally scripted "Gimwol's Syndrome") made after Grimwade — who was at that time a production assistant — bemoaned the fact that the stories on which he was assigned to work almost always involved robots.

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