Peter Dillard was a human that came through the Coal Hill Space-Time Rift.

He attacked and often took the life from people who bullied or attacked other people, including Michelle and Chris Richards. He said to all of his victims, "now you know what it's like" when he attacked them. He went missing on 3 June 1969. He was a model student. When Tanya Adeola and Matteusz Andrzejewski encountered him. He was surprised they knew his name. He told them that he was bullied at school, and how it got worse over time. He stayed late one day because he was scared of being attacked. He saw a tear in time and a creature out of it. He went with it as he knew anything wouldn't be worse than being bullied. It took him away from Earth. The creature didn't know about human emotions and he joined with the creature. He used the powers he gained to cleanse the school of hate. Tanya and Matteusz told him that he was now just as bad as the bullies who harmed him. Tanya told him that the people he attacked were going to die. This made him realise that the bullies were people too, and thus the creature let the bullies go. Peter was also let go by the creature, restoring him back to his time period. (AUDIO: Now You Know...)

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