Pete Lannister was a smartly-dressed television reporter who worked alongside Gendry Temple-Noble. Together, they covered the "player transfers" between Doctor Who and Game of Thrones, most notably Mark Gatiss and Maisie Williams. After their discussion of this topic ended, they announced, on next, a match between the White Walkers and the Toclafane direct from the Wall, and reported "Skaro Disunited manager Davros" anxiously asking, on record, "where are my Daleks?!". (NOTVALID: The Magician's Apprentice: What We Know So Far)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • In allusion to the subject of the skit, which was the shared cast members and perceived rivalry between Doctor Who and Game of Thrones, Pete Lannister's last name is that of one of the most plot-relevant families in the Game of Thrones universe while Gendry Temple-Noble's is the married name of Donna Noble from televised Doctor Who.
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