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Peru was a country in South America, (PROSE: Exodus Code) which was at least partially covered in jungle. (AUDIO: The Monstrous Menagerie) Darkest Peru was located within Peru, and it was said to be located near to the Amazon. (PROSE: Greyhound)


Circa 1000 BC, the Exxilons visited Earth and helped build temples in Peru. The Doctor saw Exxilon markings on the walls of one temple. (TV: Death to the Daleks; AUDIO: The Exxilons)

Machu Picchu was an Incan city located in Peru. (COMIC: Hitching Point, The Doctor and the Nurse)

The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond once visited an Incan temple in Peru, where they met the Cybermen. (GAME: The Mazes of Time)

In 1910, the Doctor witnessed earth tremors in Peru. (PROSE: The English Way of Death)

In 1911, the Tenth Doctor, Heather and Hiram Bingham visited Machu Picchu, and discovered that Incasaurs had opened a portal there, in order to escape their world. The portal created a time hole, allowing for travel between 1911 and the time of the original Incan inhabitants. (COMIC: Hitching Point)

In the 1970s, Sarah Jane Smith wrote an article criticising tourists who didn't respect native customs in Peru. (PROSE: To Kill a Nandi Bear)

Entek, a Ra'ra'vis chrononaut, travelled to Cuzco, Peru in 1992 through a time corridor and was found there by the Eleventh Doctor. (COMIC: Time Fraud)

In the early 21st century, a young Peruvian woman came to New York City hoping for a better life, but ended up living in one of the inner-city housing projects. Three weeks after her arrival, she was arrested for prostitution, and when it was learned that she was healthy, the Butler Institute harvested her lungs and transplanted them into Stephanie. (PROSE: Cat's Cradle: Warhead)

In 2009, Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart was stranded in Peru and thus unable to assist UNIT in the Sontaran invasion of Earth. (TV: The Poison Sky) He later returned to Britain for a while (TV: Enemy of the Bane) but later returned to Peru and was unable to attend Sarah Jane Smith's wedding to Peter Dalton. (TV: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith) He was still in Peru at the time of the Eleventh Doctor's supposed funeral and so was unable to attend. (TV: Death of the Doctor)

At some point in the 2010s, General Winifred Bambera was stationed in Peru as UNIT faced a Silurian invasion of Great Britain. (AUDIO: United)

The Sixth Doctor, Mike Yates, Romana II, and Leela visited Peru in 2014. (AUDIO: Second Sight)

In the 2020s, Ryan Sinclair visited Peru while investigating what turned out to be a bacterial pathogen known as Praxeus. He was soon joined by the Thirteenth Doctor. At the same time Peru was visited by The Two Girls Roaming. (TV: Praxeus)

Other references[]

When the Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams put on ponchos for warmth, Amy said that they looked like a Peruvian folk band. (TV: Amy's Choice)