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|release date = [[July (releases)|July]] [[2013 (releases)|2013]]
|release date = [[July (releases)|July]] [[2013 (releases)|2013]]
|format = 4 episodes, 2 CDs
|format = 4 episodes, 2 CDs
|production code =
|production code = 7Z/J
|isbn = ISBN 978-1-78178-075-6
|isbn = ISBN 978-1-78178-075-6
|prev = Prisoners of Fate (audio story)
|prev = Prisoners of Fate (audio story)

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Persuasion was the first story in the 2013 Seventh Doctor audio trilogy. It was the one hundred and seventy-fifth story in Big Finish's monthly range, and was the first appearance of companion Will Arrowsmith.

Publisher's summary

The Umbrella Man is back. But when the Doctor recruits UNIT's Scientific Adviser Elizabeth Klein for an off-the-books mission to the apocalyptic final days of Hitler's Germany, he isn't expecting Klein's hapless young assistant, Will Arrowsmith, to be joining them too.

The Doctor isn't the only alien creature seeking to loot a very particular secret from a Nazi base in Dusseldorf, however. Strange and sinister beings are converging on the same time/space location in search of the scientist Schalk, whose experiments are the key to a devastating power...

The power of Persuasion.


Part One

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Part Two

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Part Three

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Part Four

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  • The TARDIS has recently undergone an overhaul and contains within it a star chamber holding an entire galaxy that the Doctor materialised around to save from a deadly ravenous virus.
  • Will notes the Victorian look of the TARDIS console room. According to UNIT files, the seventh incarnation is the most dangerous of the Doctors.
  • The Shepard and Shepherdess move from universe to universe, reshaping them and then escaping immediately before the collapse. They have done this a billion times.
  • The Time Lords built a paradise prison planet near Kasterborous which lets the Doctor through its shield because it knows him.
  • The Persuasion machine would enable anyone to control others' ideologies, enabling the universe to share a single belief.
  • Twenty-three species come to Earth in 1945 to find Schalk, including the Khlecht Entity and Sontarans.
  • The Doctor is nearing the end of his current life and is trying to eradicate evil because he feels his next incarnation may not be strong enough for the task.



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