Persopolisian cube

The Persopolisian dice. (AUDIO: The Time Capsule)

The Persopolisian dice, was a part of a Persopolisian control console, which could be used to start a Persopolisian space ship.

Look Edit

The Persopolisian cube was a cube shaped object.

Abilities Edit

The dice could form objects into guard dogs. These guard dogs were constructed from whatever was around food, museums displace or flowers.

History Edit

In 1066 a Persopolisian space pod crashed on Earth. The three parts of the Persopolisian control console were divided and fell down at different areas of London.

The dice was buried but found by Janksia in 2009. After a thousand years of stasis Janksia was to weak to override the protective systems of the cube. He wanted to use Clyde to handle that for him. Clyde found the cube in the Betterworth's supermarket and got under its control. Cornflakes and other ingredients got formed together as cereal monsters, monsters made of chocolate blocks etc. They were protecting Clyde from his boss Mr Charlson and Clyde left the building. He brought the cube to the Lordwick scrapyard were the last part of the Persopolisian control console was going to be found. Luke Smith also went there with the second part of the control console. Janksia took the dice and the base unit. Luke and Clyde got free of the control of the artefacts and Luke threw the black diamond into a garbage compactor. Janksia tried to save the diamond and was killed in the garbage compactor. Sarah Jane later found the dice where Janksia had dropped it. She took it home to her attic where it was locked up in a safe and protected by Mr Smith. (AUDIO: The Time Capsule)

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