Persopolisian cube

The Persopolisian dice. (AUDIO: The Time Capsule)

A Persopolisian control console was a part of a Persopolisian space pod and an enormously powerful device.

The Persopolisian made sure that the powerful device could not fall into the hands of the native population. If it's landed on a planet it would disperse, conceal and protect his components until a Persopolisian could retrieve them. Any innocent minds who come into close contacts with the reactivated components would be controlled by them used by the devices for self protection. The components could form objects into guard dogs. These guard dogs were constructed from whatever was around food, museums displace or flowers.

In 1066, Halley's Comet crashed into a Persopolisian ship and the wreckage fell on Earth. The console was separated into three parts. A Persopolisian base unit, a Persopolisian dice and the Black Diamond of Earnfield. The base unit and the cube were buried under ground, while the black diamond was found by humans. Janksia found the Persopolisian cube which was later taken by Clyde Langer. Luke Smith found the Black Diamond of Earnfield and Rani Chandra the Persopolisian base unit. They got controlled by the artefacts and started to protect them. When Luke got free of the control of the artefact he threw it into a garbage compactor. Janksia tried to save the diamond and died in the garbage compactor. The Persopolisian cube was taken by Sarah Jane Smith, who brought it to her attic, where the artefact was locked and protected by Mr Smith. (AUDIO: The Time Capsule)

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