The Persopolisian base unit was a part of a Persopolisian control console, which could be used to start a Persopolisian space ship. The Black Diamond of Earnfield and the Persopolisian dice fit into the base unit.

The Persopolisian base unit looked like small tea tray. The base unit could form objects into guard dogs. These guard dogs were constructed from whatever was around food, museums displace or flowers.

In 1066 a Persopolisian space pod crashed on Earth. The three parts of the Persopolisian control console were divided and fell down at different areas of London.

The base was buried at the Lordwick scrapyard but found by Rani Chandra in 2009, where Rani got under its control. Luke Smith also went there with the second part and Clyde Langer with the first part of the control console. All three children were under the control of the console. Janksia took the dice and the base unit. Luke, Clyde and Rani got free of the control of the artefacts and Luke threw the black diamond into a garbage compactor. Janksia tried to save the diamond and was killed in the garbage compactor. (AUDIO: The Time Capsule)

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