Persopolisians were a pale-skinned species.

In 1066, Halley's Comet crashed into a Persopolisian ship and the wreckage fell on Earth. Three parts of the ship were scattered across London to prevent them from falling into primitive hands. The pilot of the ship, Janksia, was held in suspended animation.

In 2009, Janksia possessed the body of local pensioner Mr Ploughman when he stumbled upon Janksia's escape pod in the construction site behind his house. Janksia sought to locate the three artefacts. When Clyde Langer found the first, a small cube etched with strange markings, he was influenced by the device to keep it safe. Luke Smith found the second device, a black crystal, in the Natural History Museum and was also influenced. They took the devices to a local scrapyard where Sarah Jane Smith and Rani Chandra found the third component and fell under its influence. Janksia released Ploughman and tried to take the three devices, realising his ship taking off would destroy most of southern England but not caring. He fell into a garbage compacter. It crushed him to death. (AUDIO: The Time Capsule)

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