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Persia was a coastal (TV: Survivors of the Flux) nation in south Asia. (TV: War of the Sontarans)


Persia shared its eastern border with Hindustan. (TV: War of the Sontarans) Its southern coastline looked out over the Persian Gulf. Located on the coast of a sea, (TV: Survivors of the Flux) Tehraun was in the north of the country.[1]


Persia appeared on a map of the region in 1904. (TV: Survivors of the Flux)

The country was the location of Mount Alumet, the lair of Ala-eddin. (TV: "Five Hundred Eyes")

Roxane came from Persia. (AUDIO: Farewell, Great Macedon)

Alternate timelines[]

In an alternate timeline in 331 BC, Alexander the Great told Ptolemy Lagus that he wished to annex Persia. (PROSE: The Book of Shadows)

In another alternate timeline, created by the Sontarans during their Flux assault, Persia bordered on the nation of Sontar in 1855. (TV: War of the Sontarans)

  1. By merging the maps shown in both War of the Sontarans and Survivors of the Flux, Tehraun is placed in the north of Persia.