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Percival or Percy was an early 103-form timeship who was killed during the War in Heaven.

Of the five members of the Great Houses who had disappeared while piloting timeships on or beyond the frontier in time during the War in Heaven, only one was found, abandoned on a barren rock and stripped of all his major organs but still alive. The pilot died several hours after returning to the Homeworld. The timeship was destroyed just as . The enemy was held responsible for the loss.

In Carmen Yeh's Fantastical Travels in an Infinite Universe, she described Compassion's discovery of "a transparent globe two-thirds full of green sand" – the remains of a missing 103-form timeship – on the frontier in time. Distressed, Compassion confronted the War King, accusing him of betraying Percival's trust and killing him. The War King said that it was a project of the Military House Mirabilis and that he would have stopped it if he could have.

After the War King and Compassion reached a private agreement, they attended a ceremonial banquet with many House representatives, and the War King said that "the enemy's underlings slaughtered Percival, showing him no mercy whatsoever." Although Compassion said she didn't trust him, she agreed to open a second front of the War. (PROSE: The Book of the War)

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