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Perceptions was a Radio Times comic story featuring the Eighth Doctor, Stacy Townsend and Ssard.


The Doctor and his friends, Ssard and Stacy Townsend, arrive in Victorian London, where they discover a spaceship which is invisible to the people of the time. They meet the ship's occupant, P'fer'd, an Equinoid. He resembles a gaudily-coloured horse. P'fer'd tells the Doctor his wife M'rek'd is missing. Stacy and some street urchins rescue M'rek'd from a freak show. However the owner of the freak show is not himself human, but a shape-shifting alien; Stacy and the urchins are attacked. P'fer'd is re-united with M'rek'd and the Doctor and Ssard with Stacy... apparently.



  • Ssard joined the TARDIS so he could "see the universe."
  • P'fer'd disguises his ship and himself with a Mark III Image Inducer, which takes up too much power.
  • The Doctor says without the arrogance of the British Empire, humanity would have never progressed and ventured out into the stars, and Stacy would never have been born.
  • Stacy complains about Victorian London's smells, fleas, cold, and germs.
  • P'fer'd's ship got lost and ran out of fuel because his wife had the stellar map upside-down.
  • M'rek'd is captured and put in a freak show in Kennington Park.
  • Equinoids have knowledge of Galactic Law.
  • The Doctor calls P'fer'd's tactic of employing street urchins "very Holmesian.”
  • P'fer'd's ship is disguised as "Binns, Beech & Evans Solicitors." P'fer'd is Mister Binns.
  • Stacy says the urchins smell bad, talk badly, and have walked straight out of Oliver Twist.
  • The Doctor offered Stacy to see the universe, "one trip round the outer rims."
  • The shapeshifter electrocutes and kills a young boy.
  • The Doctor gives P'fer'd space energy cells.
  • A woman mentions Carfax and Bedlam.



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