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Pennant Roberts (born John Pennant Roberts[1] 15 December 1940 in Weston-Super-Mare[2], died 22 June 2010[3]) directed several Doctor Who television stories during the Tom Baker era and one each featuring Peter Davison and Colin Baker.

Before entering into television, Roberts studied physics in Bristol. Starting as a floor manager at the BBC, he eventually moved in the Drama department.

His work included the uncompleted story Shada, footage from which was later repurposed for inclusion in the twentieth anniversary episode The Five Doctors. Roberts was not credited for this prominent usage of material he shot.

According to Louise Jameson, Roberts was integral in her casting as Leela, having recollected her audition for the TV show Survivors.[4]

He is the only person to direct Doctor Who stories in both the 1970s and the 1980s.


Outside of Doctor Who, he directed episodes of Doomwatch, Survivors and Blake's 7.

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