Pelleas served as the king of Peladon during the 41st century. He was the grandson of Queen Belldonia and King Paladin the Great and the son of Queen Elspera.

Pelleas claimed that at his naming ceremony at fifteen months, Paladin kissed him, and because of his "scratchy" beard, he "wailed for hours".

Shortly after becoming king, Pelleas was betrothed to Princess Pandora of Earth in an arranged marriage, or a "marriage of convenience" rather than of love. The marriage was intended to give Peladon a secure footing in the Galactic Federation along with granting Earth a discount in trisilicate imports. Pelleas said he was fine that if they were little more than friends. Following Pandora's death, the pharaoh of ancient Egypt, Erimem, agreed to be wed to Pelleas so that she could run Peladon and show Pelleas how to be a good ruler. According to Erimem, "We're genuinely fond of each other and who knows? That may blossom into love." (AUDIO: The Bride of Peladon)

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