Peladon was the home planet of the Peladonians.

Astronomical data[]

Peladon was similar to Earth in temperature, gravity and atmosphere. It had three moons, which made navigation difficult. It was known for being especially stormy. Dangers from the wind and rain were constant. These constant storms meant that plants were difficult to grow, since there generally was not enough sunlight (PROSE: Legacy) even though Peladon had more than one parent star. (AUDIO: The Bride of Peladon) One of the major locations was Mount Megeshra. (TV: The Monster of Peladon) The planet was rich in trisilicate (TV: The Monster of Peladon) and granite, but had no chalk. (PROSE: Legacy)

Native species included the Peladões, the Aggedor (TV: The Curse of Peladon) and the Equinna. (PROSE: Legacy)


Early history[]

Around 6100 BC, the Osiran Sekhmet was banished from Phaester Osiris in a trisilicate spacecraft. She landed on Peladon, where she lay for ten thousand years. (AUDIO: The Bride of Peladon)

Early in Peladon's history, King Erak tried to conquer the whole planet, but was overthrown by Gart and his son Sherak. Gart allowed Sherak to take the credit and become king. (PROSE: Legacy)

At some point between the 26th and 29th century, humans occupied and even became dignitaries on the planet. One such was Lady Rosilie of Peladon. (PROSE: The Graves of Mordane)

39th century[]

In 3864, Princess Ellua of Earth crashed on Peladon. After King Kellian helped her contact the Galactic Federation, he fell in love and married her. Though Peladon applied to join the Galactic Federation, they decided that Peladon needed more time to develop and planned to return in 3885. In 3865, Ellua had a son named Peladon. In 3877 Kellian died in a hunting accident and Peladon accended to the throne after this. (PROSE: Legacy)

Circa 3885, Peladon of Peladon was king and was trying to get Peladon accepted into the Galactic Federation, a move opposed by more conservative Peladonians, such as High Priest Hepesh. The Time Lords sent the Third Doctor and Jo Grant to Peladon to help the process. (TV: The Curse of Peladon)

In the later years of Peladon's reign, he opened Peladon to refugee Ice Warriors from the New Martian Republic. (AUDIO: The Prisoner of Peladon)

40th century[]

Circa 3935, during the Federation's war with Galaxy 5, the planet was found to contain trisilicate, which was vital for the war effort. The lower classes were forced into mining the trisilicate, which caused further unrest between the classes. A mining engineer from Earth, Eckersley, was sent to Peladon but was secretly working with Galaxy 5. Ice Warriors declared martial law on Peladon after Federation Troops were summoned in response to the miners revolting. They were part of a rogue faction and were working with Eckersley. With the help of the Third Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith, the Ice Warriors and Eckersley were defeated. (TV: The Monster of Peladon)

In 3985, King Tarrol invited Federation delegates to Peladon for his coronation. During this event, many of the sacred artefacts were stolen. The Seventh Doctor was accused of the murder of Lianna and "executed", all aliens were banished from Peladon, the Ice Warrior delegate Savaar was blamed and "executed" for attacking the High Priestess Atissa and the Diadem, an ancient artefact of evil, was brought to Peladon. In the end, the problems were solved, but the Advisor Geban was killed by the criminal Nic Reece and the High Priestess Atissa left for the dark side of Mount Megeshra.

Seeing the destruction that had been done, King Tarrol decided that Peladon needed to see if it could survive on its own. He severed all ties with the Galactic Federation. Though King Tarrol intended the Federation to return in 4035 to see if more help was needed, the Dalek invasion in the 4010s meant the collapse of the Federation. (PROSE: Legacy) According to one account, both the Federation and Peladon's ties to it was reasserted by around 4035. (AUDIO: The Bride of Peladon)

41st century[]

At some point, Elspera became Queen of Peladon. Around 4035, Sekhmet was awoken by miners mining her trisilicate tomb. She nearly escaped her blood lock by consuming the blood of four female royals, including Elspera, but the fourth, Erimem, had poisoned her blood with mandrake root. The Ice Warrior ambassador, Zixlyr, sealed the tomb by blowing up Sekhmet and the tomb with a Xanthoid volataliser. After she was given a "very crude" transfusion of the Fifth Doctor's Time Lord blood and recovered from her poisoning, Erimem left behind travelling in the TARDIS and agreed to be married to the newly-crowned King Pelleas. (AUDIO: The Bride of Peladon)

Undated events[]

Sarah Jane Smith recalled meeting the Daleks on Peladon in unseen events. (AUDIO: Glorious Goodwood)

The Fourth Doctor possessed a Peladon Express charge card. (COMIC: Victims)

Kings and queens of Peladon[]

Erak was the first King of Peladon. (PROSE: Legacy)

Sherak was the second King of Peladon; his reign lasted five years. (PROSE: Legacy)

King Kellian died in 3877. (PROSE: Legacy)

Peladon of Peladon succeeded Kellian as King. (PROSE: Legacy, TV: The Curse of Peladon)

Queen Thalira was the daughter of Peladon; she died c. 3948. (TV: The Monster of Peladon, PROSE: Legacy)

King Tarrol was the son of Thalira who reigned in 3948. (PROSE: Legacy)

King Paladin the Great reigned with his wife Queen Belldonia. (AUDIO: The Bride of Peladon)

Elspera was the daughter-in-law of Belldonia and Queen before her death. (AUDIO: The Bride of Peladon)

King Pelleas was the grandson of Paladin and Belldonia. (AUDIO: The Bride of Peladon) He was married to Queen Erimem. (AUDIO: The Bride of Peladon)