Peggy Marsden was the wife of Albert Marsden. She was worried about her son in a nuclear war. She believed that making shelter was pointless but still did it. She liked Ace and Hex. When the warning signal sounded she was more concerned with getting the birth certificates than getting to shelter. She died of radiation sickness. When time rewound she was alive again. She had been in the timeloop for 100 years and for the rest of eternity. She was placed in the loop by the Seventh Doctor. She waited for Moloch, as her saviour. To escape she wanted to leave Hex and Ace in her place. (AUDIO: Protect and Survive)

She later met Sally Morgan and Lysandra Aristedes coming out of Weyland's Smithy, an ancient burial ground. She was sent for by Weyland, after Fenric played an illegal move, showing them their future. She mentioned that she liked tea in the cup and mentioned her husband. She discussed the opponent of Fenric, someone with the power to move people through time and space, and can talk people into dying for him. After Moloch saved her from the Doctor's previous trap, Albert was used as a hostage so that she would do Weyland's bidding. She stole Weyland's Shield from Lysandra Aristedes, to give it to Weyland in return for Albert, so he killed them both. (AUDIO: Gods and Monsters)

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