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Peggy, later in life known as Mrs Hayward, was a little girl who disappeared from the village of Medderton in 1967, when she was displaced in time to 1901 by a Weeping Angel.


Early life[]

Peggy was born circa 1957. Her parents died when she was young and by the age of 10, in 1967, she was in the care of her great-uncle Gerald and his wife Jean. She went to a school local to their home village of Medderton. Her great-uncle was never nice to her, and so she often found solace playing in the fields beyond the village. (TV: Village of the Angels)

A new start[]

In November 1967, Peggy was sent back in time by a Weeping Angel to 1901. The Angels put thoughts in her head, promising that they would leave her alone, along with two words: Quantum Extraction. They instructed her that she had to stay within the village and not to go beyond the sign. She discovered that a "burial site", which her history teacher had informed her was from the Stone Age, didn't exist at the time of her arrival. The site was supposedly excavated in 1901, but simply appeared overnight.

On the day the "burial site" appeared the residents of 1901 Medderton disappeared. While looking in the abandoned houses, Peggy came across Yasmin Khan and Dan Lewis. They too had been displaced in time from 1967 Medderton. Peggy told them what had happened, and showed them the "burial site". However, by this time a boundary had appeared, and on the other side was 1967 Medderton. She was approached by Mrs Hayward - herself in 66 years time. Mrs Hayward informed her that the "burial site" was likely how the Angels got there. They had left Peggy alone because they were cruel - "they like[d] to leave a few rare witnesses to tell the story".

Peggy, Yaz and Dan were joined by Professor Jericho, who had also been displaced from 1967 Medderton. The four of them, along with her future self - witnessed as the Thirteenth Doctor was transformed into a Weeping Angel and taken by the Division. (TV: Village of the Angels)

Becoming Mrs Hayward[]

With the residents gone, Peggy stayed grew old in the village, and new residents soon joined her. As an elder, she still lived in Medderton, now under the name of Mrs Hayward.

Knowing what was going to happen, on 27 November 1967, Mrs Hayward delivered a message saying "Leave now" to every house in the village. Upon being confronted by Reverend Shaw in the village graveyard, she instructed him to count the gravestones. Hearing the villagers out in search and calling her name, she realised in horror that this was the night: it was happening again.

Mrs Hayward watched as an Angel took her great-uncle and his wife. She then went to the "burial site", where she informed her young self as to her identity. She again watched as the Doctor was transformed. (TV: Village of the Angels)