Peardrop was the second short story in the The Lucy Wilson Mysteries series' free online anthology The Lucy Wilson Collection: School Children, all of whose entries were written by schoolchildren. Becoming, as such, the first published work of young Gina Dodd, it provided a brief Lucy Wilson look at the classic "all just a dream" trope as the increasingly outlandish events that unfold turn out to be nothing but a dream of Lucy's.

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It's a dreary October morning. Lucy Wilson has been sick all week-end and is only now returning to school, though she doesn't feel altogether healthy yet. When she gets there, however, a surprise arises to shock her out of her torpour: the sky has somehow turned pink — and Hobo looks like he knows why, though he's not telling.

At that point, however, a giant strides towards the school and introduces himself as Peardrop, the giant king. He confusingly explains that the pink sky is his doing, that giants hate the colour pink and that he intends to turn the sky of Earth pink by scattering the remains of humanity across it, all before simply destroying the planet altogether.

Lucy only has time to say "Oh no", wondering how on Earth she's going to get out of this mess, when she wakes up and realises it was all a ridiculous dream.

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