Peaceniks was the second story in the K9 book The Essential Book of K9. It was written by Bob Baker.

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K9 is left in space by the crew of MOBILEX due to a difference of opinion. He decides to close down all systems except the distress beacon and await rescue.

Years later, K9 awakens and sees life-support-pods from the Aurora being attacked by a Federation war cruiser. K9 asks them to stop. According to Federation Law 566 of the Galactic Council, it's forbidden to attack defenceless beings. K9 then destroyed the cruiser according to Federation Law 569. However, K9 has been offline for at least a millennium and the Federation has changed in the interim. The Federation expelled several humans from New Earth because they didn't want to take part in the war. These humans call themselves Peaceniks.

K9 enters the Aurora. The people in the ship want to put him on trial because he destroyed the war cruiser and took lives. K9 should be brought to the Peace Court, where he should be on trial. However, at first he is put into a cell. There he meets Starjakk a mercenary in the Legion who is also imprisoned. Along with Starjarkk K9 defends the Peaceniks against another attack by the Federation. A young boy, Leon Meyer, finally thanks K9 for saving them.

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