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Peaceful Thals Ambushed! was the cover short story printed of Issue 28 TV Century 21, which tied in with the release of Dr. Who and the Daleks.

It was an early and remarkable example of a depiction of in-universe media about the Doctor: the feature film was shown to exist in-universe as a fictionalised account of the real Thal-Dalek battle which had previously occurred on Skaro and been "reported upon" by the BBC. This notion was explored further in another short story in the same issue of TV21, and would much later be picked up on by Steven Moffat in his The Day of the Doctor novelisation.


On 31 July, 2065, the paper reports that eighteen months ago, on BBC Television, a news bulletin from the planet Skaro were broadcast: "Following attempts to make peace with the Daleks, the Thals have been viciously ambushed and a fierce battle is still being fought". It then explains that an "exciting film", entitled Dr. Who and the Daleks, is now being broadcast in cinemas based on these events.

Meanwhile, the Solturian News Agency reports that Prince Jareth has been called in by Mirva to investigate a new prophecy made by Lurr; the article notes that the News Agency's report fails to clarify whether this new prophecy is still concerned with the Daleks or refers to another threat.

Other breaking news reported upon in a briefer format include battles in the streets of London between European troops and "massed armies of giant ants", the Stingray's report of having sighted a ghostly galleon near tracking station 17, and the fact that the recent murder of the actor Lord Nelson is being investigated by Captain Amos Burke.



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