Pavel was a friend of Shireen, and one of the group whom Bill Potts moved in with following the search for decent and affordable student accommodation. (TV: Knock Knock)

Biography Edit

Pavel was among a group of students from St Luke's University who were looking for student accommodation. This was because his parents had just recently kicked him out of their house. He was thus eager to move into the Landlord's house the same night before everyone else. However, when he played some music, it attracted the Dryads inhabiting the wood. They then absorbed him into a wall but only partially as the music slowed them down. He thus spent the whole night and day trapped inside the wall but still fully conscious and terrified.

After the rest of the students moved in, Bill and Shireen came across him and were horrified by the gruesome display. They tried to get him out but before they could, the Landlord appeared and stopped the music, causing the wood to absorb Pavel completely.

After Eliza killed herself along with her son, the Dryads restored Pavel and everyone else to life and they escaped the house as it was disintegrated. (TV: Knock Knock)

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