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Paul Tams, also known as Paul Mark Tams, was an associate producer for K9. He and Bob Baker created the programme, and also co-wrote the episode Mind Snap.

Previously, he illustrated Doctor Who annuals.

Tams and Alex Kubalsky designed the K9 used in K9.

Tams was also one of two individuals credited as playing Mr Wiffy in Liberation. He played Mr Floppy Fun Pants in Dream-Eaters.

In 2015, the release of The Essential Book of K9, cowritten by Tams and Bob Baker, kept the franchise alive. The two also continued to maintain the official Twitter K9 account together. On several occasions, Tams and Baker posted tweets either partially or completely in-character as an unidentified version of K9, constituting the only use of K9 in non-BBC-licensed fiction to date since the Essential Book — for example, positive interaction with fans, announcement for conventions, and, in 2018, a birthday wish to "DoctorMaster" Tom Baker.

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