Paul Sanchez was a student at Coal Hill Academy.

He approached Tanya Adeola as she was sitting on her own as he was new to the school and asked her to show him around. They later started dating. Later, he asked Tanya to go to an art gallery or a theatre as a way round her mother's rule about her seeing boys. Charlie Smith invited him round for dinner. He tried to help Tanya get over her paranoia. He later morphed into Tanya. He confronted her saying that she had a good life. He said that he would die if he was on his own. Paul told him that he was lost in a war and that he tried to change his appearance to try and fit it. After being convinced that it was wrong to take up Tanya's appearance and life, he decided to leave. When a tear in space-time appeared within the school, he decided to go through it in the next step of trying to find out who he is. (AUDIO: Catfish)

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