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You may be looking for his fictional counterpart.

Paul Magrs (born 12 November 1969[1]) is a full-time author and former Senior Lecturer in English Literature and Creative Writing at Manchester Metropolitan University, where he began work in 2004. He also formerly taught at the University of East Anglia. He did his PhD at the University of Lancaster.

He created the character of Iris Wildthyme for his Phoenix Court series. He also created the planet Hyspero, which would have featured in his planned Tales of Hyspero series.

He has contributed to several charity publications. He was one of nine co-authors of Obverse Books' Doctor Who and the Invasion of Christmas, and he wrote short stories for both A Target for Tommy and A Second Target for Tommy. He also contributed to the charity reference book Behind the Sofa: Celebrity Memories of Doctor Who.

Paul Magrs lives in Levenshulme with his partner, author Jeremy Hoad. Jeremy was given co-writing credits on the novel The Blue Angel, in 1999. Paul also has a brother named Mark.

In the DWU[]

Paul Cornell was a college classmate of Magrs. In his Virgin New Adventure Love and War, Cornell named a junior archaeologist in Bernice Summerfield's party after him.[2]

Later, in Bafflement and Devotion Magrs introduced a closer to reality, quasi-biographical version of himself, which the real Magrs has used on numerous occasions in many stories.

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