Paul Kairos was a construct created by Kronos the Chronovore, a real human being but with a small part that was Kronos. "Kairos" was, like "Kronos," one of two Greek words for Time.

Paul was born in 1964 and grew into a tall, olive-skinned man from a Greek family who loved to collect American comic books. He became one of the world's greatest temporal physicists, being taught by Professor Stuart Hyde, and working with his fiancee Professor Arlene Cole to construct the TITAN Array. In 2003, he become involved with the Sixth Doctor and the Master, the latter stealing TITAN and Arlene to access the Lux Aeterna.

Since Paul was Kronos, he felt at home inside the Doctor's TARDIS, and was able to protect it by removing the Profane Virus of Rassilon when it infected the ship's systems. He was later able to cross into parallel universes and retrieve Arlene, Hyde, the Doctor, the Master, and Melanie Bush.

While Paul was momentarily erased as Kronos revealed itself, upon the Chronovore's suicide, Paul was returned and able to marry Arlene at Christmas. (PROSE: The Quantum Archangel)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Paul Kairos's backstory is inspired by his author, Craig Hinton, also born in 1964 and who also enjoyed collecting comic books.

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