Paul Hunt was the person who, during the Orion War, revealed the existence of Project Scorpius to Karen Brett. (AUDIO: Scorpius)

He became Brett's advisor and convinced her to start converting people into Cybermen. (AUDIO: Fear)

He was a partially converted Cyberman, which occurred shortly after the initial closing of the Scorpius project. (AUDIO: Conversion)

Later, when Brett disappeared after becoming President of Earth, he was appointed as emergency executive-in-chief. (AUDIO: Telos)

He thought that he was effectively President of Earth but the Cyber-Planner said he was only in power for as long as they wanted him in power. (AUDIO: Outsiders)

In order to keep his control on Earth, he planned to expose Liam Barnaby as a traitor. (AUDIO: Terror)

He managed to get the information he needed to make Liam known as an android collaborator by using his last conversation with Brett. He later ordered Chessman to torture him. (AUDIO: Machines)

He tried to have Liam killed but it stopped during an attempt on his life. After his emotions returned, the Cyber-Planner deemed him a failed Cybrid and arranged for his full conversion. (AUDIO: Extinction)

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