Paul Bernard (20 June 1929-25 September 1997[1]) was a British television production designer and director, principally active from the mid-1950s to the mid-1970s.

He was never credited as production designer on Doctor Who, but he directed the plurality of the stories in seasons 9 and 10. These included the first colour appearance of the Daleks and Roger Delgado's final appearance as the Master.

Bernard's work on Doctor Who was amongst the last work he did for television. He left for a new career in fine arts in the mid-1970s and worked, among other things, as theatre director.

After the cancellation of the Doctor Who series, Bernard tried to bring the show back with David Burton as the new Eighth Doctor, producing two episodes independently, partly on a Vienna location, to present and pitch them to the BBC. Bernard's Doctor would have had two companions, twins by the names of Heart and Diamond. The BBC rejected it and the whole thing, reported in Doctor Who magazines, ended before it ever aired.

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